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Mark Alan Burnett’s work was
featured on the permanent
set of the TV show “Nashville”
in Rayna’s bedroom.
Portrait Fees

Please contact Mark to discuss specifics of your project and current fees.

Planning the Portrait

The portrait is planned in the client's home or professional environment to explore options for the design of the portrait. Mark discusses the size and setting (formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, with or without background). Dimensions are taken of the area where the portrait will hang. The frame, an integral part of any work of art, is also discussed and specific recommendations are made.

Creating the Portrait

During the first sitting Mark photographs the subject in a variety of poses and expressions. Several pictures are chosen. Mark then designs the composition and creates a full scale sketch before the actual painting begins.

Mark prefers to work in his studio on much of the painting and then he either returns to the portrait setting and finishes the painting directly from life, or invites the client to his studio to pose.

Mark considers a successful portrait to be - "a well designed work of art which reflects the unique beauty of the individual."

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